Four Windows: Seattle – The Books

Shifting Borders by Jessie KwakShiftingBorders

When a resurrection goes awry in a cold Seattle cemetery, mother-of-three Patricia Ramos-Waites finds herself possessed by the ghost of her sister’s dead lover. God forbid that her only problem be sharing her body with Dead Marco, however. Yesterday Patricia’s only worries were her teenage son’s new deadbeat friends, and how she was going to put her kids through college; today she’s become the target of a Central American drug-smuggling gang who desperately want to get their hands on the ghost she’s hosting.

And if only she simply had to worry about gangs, because Patricia is beginning to suspect that something in the Hosting relationship is going terribly wrong, and she might just have ghost-handling abilities as a Host that haven’t been seen in centuries. But will Patricia be able to keep Marco’s ghost – and herself – safe long enough to find out just what they are?

Trace_finalTrace, by Ian Smith

Joanne Shaughnessy needs a job, and bad — which explains why in the course of 24 hours she’s agreed to be a guinea pig for some New Age doctor’s experiments on the chi of amputees and to buy antiques (and just antiques, she hopes) for an eccentric Chinese woman who seems to think Joanne has supernatural powers. She might just be taking advantage of two nutcases’s open pocketbooks, but when she stumbles into a cache of mysterious letters she starts to wonder if Ming is right, and if she can actually hear the voices of the dead.

But crazy Ming isn’t the only one who thinks Joanne has special powers. As Joanne struggles to come to grips with the possibility that both the world and her own lost childhood are more complex than she once thought, she finds herself at the center of a high-stakes battle whose outcome may just shape the next stage of human evolution.

NeuTraffic, by Andrew GainesNeuTraffic_final_ebook

John Graham, Thought Commuter License 178, has a simple mission: deliver a message. In a near-future, post-revolution Seattle, he and the other underground messengers are the only tenuous threads that keep the fledgling New Cascadian Order from falling back into chaos. Careful, paranoid planning and incredible luck can only take the young Nation-State so far — and now even the Thought Commuter network’s secret intelligence can’t save them from a devastating air raid.

His route home destroyed, John is forced on an odyssey through the bizarre new environment of his changed city. Seattle is boiling under the threat of renewed chaos, and the new society’s structures are threatening to dissolve…but that’s the least of John’s problems. Because as John journeys through the mental landscape of his past, he’s beginning to suspect that society isn’t the only thing unravelling. His own sanity might be coming spectacularly undone.

School of Sight, by Alisha A. Knaff

There is a world that not everyone can see: a world of fairies and witches and shapeshifters and vampires that exists right alongside the boring, everyday life most people get to live in. When a young sibyl gets their first glimpse of that world, they find themselves questioning both their sanity and the very nature of reality as they have always known it. After all, isn’t it crazier to believe in fairies than to simply be crazy?

The deeper the young sibyl sinks into this new world, the more difficult those questions are to untangle. When they end up drawn into middle of very dangerous game between powers they don’t always understand, they must learn to rely on new acquaintances and confide in old friends — but in a world as secret as this one, enemies and friends look an awful lot alike.