Four Windows: Seattle – The Authors

Alisha2Alisha A. Knaff lives in Seattle with her three cats, who consistently assure her that she is in no danger of becoming a crazy cat lady. She recently abandoned her day job of striving to impress upon teenagers the importance of the Oxford comma for the glamorous world of running a startup publishing company. By night she still weaves bizarre imaginations into hopefully coherent tales.

Alisha loves Seattle because she is a pluviophile, and because the secret to time travel is, in fact, a healthy dose of rain and a vitamin D deficiency. Also, all the cool people live here or secretly want to.

Ian_biopicIan Smith is a descendent of the the only surviving species of genus homo. His tribe is distinguished by tool usage, shared mapping of air vibration patterns to physical objects and concepts, and an arbitrarily unshakeable metaphysical belief in linear causality. By day he coerces the forces of magnetism and electricity to generate light patterns that stimulate other hominid’s neural pleasure centers, by night he raises his young and constructs carefully crafted misrepresentations of reality.

Seattle doesn’t really make sense. It is wildly diverse and still manages to feel like a cohesive whole. It has all of the perks of a metropolis, without sacrificing small town feel of individual neighborhoods. And it has spectacular coffee AND beer, which is really just unfair.

Andrew BioPicAndrew Gaines was recently found – ragged, scruffy, and only somewhat coherent – among the soggy pines of Washington State. After a period of intense rehabilitation, he now spends his time as a writer, a six-string slinger in a band called Seacastle, and a proud dog-dad to a lovable old pit bull named Sarge. He thinks spare time is a mythical beast that he is destined to chase for eternity, as the coveted creature is always disappearing over the horizon of his ambitions.

Andrew has found that the moss under his armpits dries out after too much time away from the Northwest, and thus keeps his roots spreading deep into the hills of West Seattle. Nutritious!

JessieKwak_headshotJessie Kwak is a freelance copywriter and novelist. She has recently abandoned Seattle for its hipster little sister, Portland, where she lives with her husband and their bevy of bicycles, and drinks locally-roasted coffees and hoppy IPAs and cheap bourbons. You can find more of her work and hire her to write you things for cash money at

Despite her current expatriate status, she loves Seattle’s tangled streets, watery byways, and gorgeous hilltop views – and the way the whole place smells like the sea when the summer wind blows the right direction. It also rains less in Seattle than in Portland, and she loves that, too.